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Departmental Initiatives

In order to enhance the student-athlete, staff and coach experience, the Department of Athletics has established several departmental funds.  Each fund addresses areas of need within the Department that are outside the purview of individual teams.  As such, the funds are not sport specific.  

Read more about each initiative below.

Gryphon Equity Diversity and Inclusion Fund

The University of Guelph is deeply committed to identifying and addressing systemic racism and discrimination and building an equitable and inclusive community for everyone. We know, the road to success and to Improving Life begins with a solid foundation where every student, staff, and faculty experience an authentic sense of belonging on our campuses.

The Department of Athletics has taken important steps to ensure every student-athlete, staff, and coach feels supported and valued.  Athletics has made significant progress towards equity, diversity, and inclusion through enhanced programming, training and education, and resource allocation. These efforts include the formation of an EDI Advisory Council, providing over 1,300 members with anti-oppression and anti-racism training, the creation of a new departmental EDI Coordinator position, and the development of an Inclusivity Statement outlining the Department's commitment to EDI.

Student-Athlete Wellbeing Fund

Focusing on a holistic approach to student-athlete development, the Student-Athlete Wellbeing Fund several areas that have a direct impact on student-athlete performance: 


Physical Health: Athletic Therapy, Physiotherapy, Chiropractic and Massage, Equipment, Academic Partnerships

Mental Health: Individual Support, Group Programming, Resiliency Training

Sport Psychology: Performance Coaching, Performance Application

Nutrition Education: Sport Nutrition Education, Coaching Education, Team and Individual Consults

Pearson Family Student-Athlete Mentoring (SAM) Program

The Pearson Family SAM Program enhances the academic performance of student-athletes by providing resources and assistance tailored to their unique needs. The program content is delivered by Student-Athlete Mentors, who are upper year, academically successful student-athletes trained in learning strategies and referral.

Leadership Academy

The comprehensive Leadership Academy provides an ongoing and integrated approach to leadership development by targeting and training three distinct groups of student-athlete leaders (Emerging Leaders, Veteran Leaders, Leadership 360) and distributes the training with multiple modules offered throughout the school year to maximize learning, retention, and application. 

In addition to the programming, the Leadership Academy also includes educational resources including The Team Captain's Leadership Manual for all participants to reinforce and extend the learning as well as ongoing consulting with the Janssen Sports Leadership Center.

Athletic Director's Highest Priority

This fund was established to support projects or initiatives that arise or need immediate attention but may not have adequate financial support.   

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